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Editar o añadir Biografia Gregory Sierra:

Nacido: 25 de Enero de 1941
Actor Anglo Puertorriqueño (Puerto Rico,USA - New York, USA)

Destacado en su inicio como "Julio" en la serie clasica "Sandford & Son"
Luego despunto en la serie "Barnie Miller" desde donde lanzo una exitosa carrera artistica.

Trabajos famosos:

Julio Fuentes, Sanford and Son, NBC, 1972-75
Detective Sergeant Chano Amenguale, Barney Miller, ABC, 1975-76
Dr. Antonio "Tony" Menzies, A.E.S. Hudson Street, ABC, 1978
Carlos "El Puerco" Valdez, Soap, ABC, 1980-81
Commandante Paco Pico, Zorro and Son, CBS, 1983
Capitan Victor Maldonado, Something Is Out There, NBC, 1988-89
Luis Alvarez, Common Law, ABC, 1996


Sargento en Weekend of Terror, ABC, 1970
Slade, Honky Tonk, NBC, 1974
Alcalde Acambarros, Antonio and the Mayor, CBS, 1975
Omar Welk, The Night They Took Miss Beautiful, NBC, 1977
Fabricio, Evening in Byzantium, syndicalizado, 1978
Dr. Galfas, Three Hundred Miles for Stephanie, NBC, 1981
Silvera, Kenny Rogers as the Gambler--The Legend Continues, CBS, 1983
Diego Ramirez, The Night the Bridge Fell Down, NBC, 1983
Vic "El bailarín" Reva, Her Secret Life(conocido tambien como: Code Name:Dancer and One for the Dancer), ABC, 1987
General, Where the Hell's That Gold?!(conocido tambien como: Dynamite and Gold), 1988
Jesus Gutierrez, Desperado: Badlands Justice, NBC, 1989
Hector Aliosa, Donor, CBS, 1990
Frank Fuster, Unspeakable Acts, ABC, 1990
Blood Money, The Movie Channel, 1999


"Rock Bye-Bye Baby," It Takes a Thief, ABC, 1969
"A Ticket for Bertrille," The Flying Nun, ABC, 1969
"The Somnaviatrix," The Flying Nun, ABC, 1970
Arrigo, "The Long Shadow," High Chaparral, NBC, 1970
Sirviente en "The Crane" (also known as "Bubble boy"), Mission: Impossible,CBS, 1970
"A Town Called Sincere," The Mod Squad, CBS, 1970
Gomal, "Phantoms," Mission: Impossible, CBS, 1970
"Papa Carlos," The Flying Nun, ABC, 1970
"A Gift for El Charro," The Flying Nun, ABC, 1970
Patrullero Cross, McCloud,1970
"Journey from San Juan," Alias Smith and Jones, ABC, 1971
Fernando Laroca, "Cocaine," Mission: Impossible, CBS, 1972
Young Doctor Kildare, syndicated, 1972
"The Murder Game," Banyon, NBC, 1972
"Hey, Janitor," Insight, syndicated, 1973
"The Gypsies," The Waltons, CBS, 1973
"Love Me in December," Ironside, NBC, 1973
Norman Esposito, "The Two Million Clams of Cap'n Jack," Banacek, NBC, 1973
Paul Benjamin, "Archie Is Branded," All in the Family, CBS, 1973
"The Stone," Kung Fu, ABC, 1973
"Woman for Sale," Gunsmoke, CBS, 1973
"A Wrongful Death," The Streets of San Francisco, ABC, 1973
Lolo Kerski, "Tricks Are No Treats," Hawaii Five-0, CBS, 1973
"Publish or Perish," Columbo, NBC, 1974
"This Must Be the Alamo," McCloud, NBC, 1974
"Death in High Places," Petrocelli, NBC, 1974
"Hard Labor," Gunsmoke, CBS, 1975
Ed Cheruco, "The Malflores," Police Story, NBC, 1977
"The K-Group," Hunter, CBS, 1977
"River of Promises," Police Story, NBC, 1978
"Plus Time Served," Insight, syndicated, 1979
"Decision to Love," Insight, syndicated, 1981
"A Couple of Harts," Hart to Hart, ABC, 1981
Sheriff Vargas, "Hog Wild," The Greatest American Hero, ABC, 1981
"Immigrants," Lou Grant, CBS, 1982
Gloria, CBS, 1982
"The Last Hero," McClain's Law, NBC, 1982
"Anything for a Friend," Cassie and Company, NBC, 1982
"Baby Rattlesnakes," Quincy, M.E., NBC, 1982
"To Kill a Princess," Bring 'em Back Alive, CBS, 1983
"The Club Murder Vacation," Simon and Simon, ABC, 1983
A. D. A. Alvarez, "Moon over Uranus: The Final Legacy," Hill Street Blues, NBC, 1983
A. D. A. Alvarez, "The Belles of St. Mary's," Hill Street Blues, NBC, 1983
A. D. A. Alvarez, "Life in the Minors," Hill Street Blues, NBC, 1983
A. D. A. Alvarez, "Eugene's Comedy Empire Strikes Back," Hill Street Blues, NBC, 1983
"Ice on the Road," High Performance, ABC, 1983
"Max's Waltz," Hart to Hart, ABC, 1984
"Oil," Masquerade, ABC, 1984
"The Long Flight," Blue Thunder, ABC, 1984
Rodriguez, "Heart of Darkness," Miami Vice, NBC, 1984
Rodriguez, "Cool Runnin'," Miami Vice, NBC, 1984
Rodriguez, "Hit List," Miami Vice, NBC, 1984
Detective Sergeant Moreno, "Broadway Malady," Murder, She Wrote, CBS, 1985
"The Assassin," Cover Up, CBS, 1985
Cagney and Lacey, CBS, 1985
General Antonio Vasquez, "The Gauntlet," MacGyver, ABC, 1985
"The Enchilada Express," Simon and Simon, CBS, 1985
"Forced Landing," Blacke's Magic, NBC, 1986
Colonel Antunnez, "Jack of Lies," MacGyver, ABC, 1986
You Again, NBC, 1986
"Ahead of the Game," Cagney and Lacey, CBS, 1987
"A Rumor with a View," Hard Copy, CBS, 1987
Miguel Torres, "Pleasure Principle," Magnum, P.I., CBS, 1987
"Flashpoint," Hunter, NBC, 1987
Sanchez, "Murder through a Looking Glass," Murder, She Wrote, CBS,1988
Capitan Diaz, "The Treasure of Manco," MacGyver, ABC, 1990
Lieutenant Orly, P.S. I Luv U, CBS, 1991
"Sun and Shadow," The Ray Bradbury Theater, USA, 1992
Hector, "Will Gets Committed," The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, NBC, 1992
Ramon, "Day of the Dead," Murder, She Wrote, CBS, 1992
Dr. Diamond, "The Jersey Devil," The X-Files, Fox, 1993
Teniente Gabriel Caceras, "The Petrified Forest," Murder, She Wrote, CBS, 1993
Teniente Gabriel Caceras, "A Nest of Vipers," Murder, She Wrote,CBS, 1994
Ely Parker, "The Washington Affair," Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman, CBS, 1994
Rafael Mendoza, "Standoff," Walker, Texas Ranger, CBS, 1995
General Colon, "When the Vow Breaks," Ellen, ABC, 1995
Entek, "Second Skin," Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, syndicated, 1995
Teniente Gabriel Caceras, "Flim Flam," Murder, She Wrote, CBS, 1995
Dr. Arturo Navarro, Kirk(also known as Life Happens), WB, 1996


Loser Take All, HBO, 1979

Otras peliculas:

Gorilla Sergeant Verger, Beneath the Planet of the Apes, TwentiethCentury-Fox, 1970
Garcia, Getting Straight, Columbia, 1970
Chamaco, Red Sky at Morning, Universal, 1971
Verger, Believe in Me,1971
El pillo de un ojo, The Culpepper Cattle Company, Twentieth Century-Fox, 1972
Jurado, The Wrath of God, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, 1972
(As Gregg Sierra) Chavarin, Pocket Money, National General, 1972
Antonio, Papillon, Allied Artists, 1973
Dynamite, The Thief Who Came to Dinner, Warner Bros., 1973
George, The Clones(conocido tambien como: The Cloning, The Cloning of Dr. Appleby, Dead Man Running, and The Mindsweepers),Filmmakers International, 1973
(As Gregg Sierra) Vickery, "An Investigation of Murder," The LaughingPoliceman, Twentieth Century-Fox, 1973
Carlos, The Towering Inferno, Twentieth Century-Fox/Warner Bros.,1974
Marrujo, The Castaway Cowboy,1974
Jesus Gonzales, Mean Dog Blues, American International Pictures, 1978
Gilles, the Count, The Prisoner of Zenda, Universal, 1979
Alphonso, Let's Get Harry(also known as The Rescue), TriStar, 1987
Captain Sanchez, The Trouble with Spies, DeLaurentiis Entertainment Group/HBO Productions, 1987
Felix Barbosa, Deep Cover, New Line Cinema, 1992
Terence Wheeler, Honey, I Blew Up the Kid, Buena Vista, 1992
The captain, Hot Shots! Part Deux(also known as Hot Shots! 2), Twentieth Century-Fox, 1993
Captain Nunez, A Low Down Dirty Shame(also known as Mister Cool), Buena Vista, 1994
Villanazul, The Wonderful Ice Cream Suit,1998
Father Giovanni, Vampires(also known as John Carpenter's Vampires and Vampire$), Sony, 1998
Bonifacio, Jane Austen's Mafia(also known as Mafia), Buena Vista, 1998
Charlie, Vic(also known as Final Act), 1999

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